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Palm Coast -Florida

Lia D 

Yani is one of the best healers I've had the pleasure of working with. She really took the time to get to know what I needed and what my wants were on my journey. Her techniques were new and fresh, and they are practices I've been able to take with me and use daily.  


Flagler Beach -Florida

Bodil Haheim

I dropped 20 pounds in 6 weeks with the Habit of Health program! After being stuck for a long time, I feel very grateful that Yani Kelly coached me back in shape. I feel fantastic, I look great, and my skin is glowing! Rapid results and lifelong transformation without being hungry or feeling deprived- I love it! 



Susan Smith

Thank you so much for your program; I have to say, yours is the most inspirational of all programs or products that I have come across. I love the whole thing, your ongoing support, the USM product; I could go on but suffice it to say I love, love, love, EVERYTHING. I am thrilled beyond words to have stumbled upon you on Facebook, and I think you and U.S.M is what I have needed to get myself out of the financial rut that I've found myself in."


Owner of Pure Salon & Holistic Wellness Grand Cayman

Kandil Awisat

A huge thank you for all the help and inspiration, Yani. I have had many many positive changes to my mental, emotional and physical health, and I am working in my new business goal, applying the same principles, and new habits I have acquired in The Ultimate Success Masterclass is truly an excellent program, and I have been doing this type of thing since 1980, and I'm so glad I decided to embark in this journey with you, it has been by far the highlight of my existence and a Life Transformation. Thanks again for your kindness, flexibility, and gentleness as I worked my way through the modules. Bravo!

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